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July 23, 2014

Staring next week you’ll be able to enjoy me every week in my own weekly show at

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I just wanted to say I love you on tattoos after dark and I basically just love you. 💕

That’s extremely kind of you thank you very much and thank you for watching :)

Love you!! xoxo

Thank You!!!! <3

Do you have an Instagram account?

Yup it’s @saintpiercing

If I get your name tattooed on me, would you put dermals on the "I's". I fucking love you!!

Lets do it :P

bend me over the piercing chair and fuck me hard?

we don’t have a chair it’s a massage table kinda thing… so you’re out of luck i’m afraid :/

My trip is longer. I'm driving 33 hours to be there and get pierced on my birthday! Hahaha ;) #JustSaying

Thats amazing!! did you book it in yet?

Not really a question, but I love you on Tattoos After Dark. You are my favorite! My friend & I want to come to LA the summer after our senior year to get pierced by you :D it's on my bucket list now! Anyways, I think you & your work are amazing & your Deadpool & Star Wars shirts are awesome! Han shot first. P.S. I had a dream that I missed the bus & had no way to get home & then you pulled up on a four wheeler & said, "Need a ride?" It was epic. P.P.S. I hope you read this in British. 🇬🇧

Hi there thank you so much you’re awesome!! Lets book your appointment in when you know the dates email and she’ll set it up for us :)

Chris I love u so much !!!! U are legitimately out of this world 👾 u seriously look like a angel 👼 cuz u always look perfect 👌my life won't be complete until I drive 16hrs and 8mins to get pierced by u. U should snap me back maybe even add md on snapchat. Its destinymae213

you’re too kind and amazing thank you :) remember to book your appointment with before you come all that way I wouldn’t want you to get here and i’m not here :P

Chris, I've been struggling with massive depression and just feeling super isolated and alone. I really love your show and your work, watching tattoos after dark makes me feel distracted/better. Is there anything you can say to help? You're always so good with your followers, I thought something from you would make me smile :/

I’m glad the show makes you feel better :) You’re doing the best thing you can do right now and that is talking to someone about it.  There’s always someone listening and things always get better…  I hope you feel better soon and remember to always talk to someone about how you feel. You’re amazing.

I've always heard microdermals can only be surgically removed, is that true?

Nope it’s a total lie… Any piercer worth a damn shoudl be able to take them out for you

I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your work! Hopefully I'll be able to head across country and get something pierced by you :)

Thank you so much that would be amazing!!

I know you've been asked this so many times but what is your snapchat?

It’s “saintpiercing”

my sister and I love watching the show!! we are obsessed with your work it's amazing. She said she'd fly all the way out to Hollywood just to get her ears pierced by you and refuses to get them done by anyone else!! much love xoxo

That’s amazing and I would love for her to do that!

how much would a corset piercing cost?

Temporarily corset piercings are flat rate $250… Microdermal corset piercings which are semi-permanent are priced as normal microdermals ($85 for the first one and $50 for each after that)